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The Law of Success - Napoleon Hill - Penguin USA - 612p.

The Law of Success - Napoleon Hill - Penguin USA - 612p. - Livraria Cultura - R$ 53,10 - Leitura finalizada em 02/09/2017.
  • Notas minhas:
    • "Who said it could not be done? And what great victories has he to his credit which qualify him to judge others accurately?" (Napoleon Hill)
    •  The Master Mind:
      • Co-operate >> Perfect Harmony >> Master Mind
        • Example of formation of a Master Mind: Mr. Ford, Mr. Firestone e Mr. Thomas Edison together
      • "Education - let us not forget this - consists of the power with which to get everything one needs when he needs it, without violating the rights of his fellow men." (Napoleon Hill)
      • The six basic fears: the fear of poverty, the fear os old age, the fear of ill health, the fear of loss of love os someone, the fear of criticism, the fear of death.
      • Lectures suggestions:
        • The Science of Power - Benjamin Kidd
        • Emerson's essay on Compensation (
        • Mind in the Making - Robinson
    • Lesson one: A definite chief aim
      • "You can do it if you believe you can!"
      • "The best rose bush, after all, is not that which has the fewest thorns, but that which bears the finest roses." (Henry van Dyke)
      • "Humility is a forerunner of success." (Napoleon Hill)
      • "The best place to study the man-animal is in your own mind, by taking as accurate an inventory as possible of YOURSELF. When you know yourself thoroughly (if you ever do) you will also know much about others." (Napoleon Hill)
      • An old farmer up in Vermont always used to wind up his prayers with this plea: "Oh, God, give me an open mind!" If more people followed his example they might escape being harmstrung by prejudices. And what a pleasant place to live in the world would be. (Napoleon Hill)
      • "Success is the development of the power with which to get whatever one wants in life without interfering with the rights of others." (Napoleon Hill)
      • "Power is organized energy or effort." (Napoleon Hill)
      • Definite purpose in life.
      • "Like attracts like, and you may see evidence of this law in every blade of grass and every growing tree." (Napoleon Hill)
      • "Do not 'tell' the world what you can do - 'show' it!" (Napoleon Hill)
      • "No undesirable environment is strong enough to hold the man or woman who understands how to apply the principle of Auto-suggestion in the creation of a definite chief aim." (Napoleon Hill)
      • "If success depends upon power, and if power is organized effort, and if the first step in the direction of organization is a definite purpose, then one may easily see why such a purpose is essential." (Napoleon Hill)
      • Burning desire >> definite purpose >> action
      • "You cannot succeed when surrounded by disloyal and unfriendly associates, no matter what may be the object of your definite chief aim. Success is built upon loyalty, faith, sincerity, co-operation and the other positive forces with which one must surcharge his environment." (Napoleon Hill)
      • Continuous, Unyielding, Persistent Effort!
    • Lesson two: Self-confidence
      • "You Can Do It If You Believe You Can!"
      • "Day by day in every way I am becoming more successful." (p. 125)
    • Enthusiam:
      • "Succesfull people have discovered ways and means which they believe best suited to their own needs, to produce stimuli which cause them to rise to heights of endeavor above the ordinary." (p. 280-281).
    • The seven deadly horsemen: Intolerance, Greed, Revenge, Egotism, Suspicion, Jealously... (p. 283)
    • No man achieves great success who is unwilling to make personal sacrifices. (p. 288)
    • "Indecision is the devil's favorite tool". Billy Sunday (p. 596)
    • "That the successful men and women are those who reach decisions quickly and then sstand firmly by those decisions after they are made". (p. 599)
Lucas T R Freitas

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